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Small JOY is a BIG thing

The Finnish Hospital Clowns Association Sairaalaklovnit ry is an organization that has trained clown doctors, who go around children’s departments entertaining and cheering up the little patients and their families. Because of these hospital clowns, children can forget their illness for a moment and they get a permission to be cheerful, laugh freely and clown around in the middle of the everyday life in hospital.

The hospital clowns always work on the child’s terms and in cooperation with the staff. A happy memory of the clowns visiting the hospital goes a long way and it also helps a child to deal with the hospital experience afterwards.

The operation of the hospital clowns is established and regular. The organization is national, and it operates in all the university hospitals across the country. You can also see us in some of the central hospitals. And the greatest thing is that nowadays you might meet a clown during your procedure! We are improving our operating so that it supports the child-centered approach in nursing as well as possible.

The clown doctors have backgrounds as professional performers and they are trained to act in the hospital environs. The same hygiene and confidentiality rules concern them as well as the other staff. Usually there are almost 50 clown rounds in a month and our activities reach over 50,000 people every year. What an awesome number of silly and funny moments together!

Subsidies and donations have made it possible for us to operate.

Support our activities – Let’s keep the clowns in hospitals. It is a JOY to be a part of it!
You can support our activities by donating to our fundraising account or by becoming a member.

Thank you for your support!

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Please feel free to contact our association!
Artistic Director Kari Jagt +358 41 535 6599, kari@sairaalaklovnit.fi
Executive Director Aino Viertola +358 40 534 7079, aino@sairaalaklovnit.fi

Address: Kaasutehtaankatu 1/4, building 8, FI-00540 Helsinki, Finland
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